Active Directory support within the Config Editor

Since more and more customers are using Active Directory integration and configuration for an Active Directory connection is quite complex, the Config Editor which comes with Smartsite iXperion 1.3 has built-in support for managing the Active Directory configuration settings. It also validates various Active Directory settings when you click the Validate button.

Add Active Directory configuration

When your site doesn't use an Active Directory (AD) connection yet, but you want to switch to Active Directory integration, the Config Editor does now offer the option of adding all the necessary AD configuration elements to the web.config.

Config Editor - Add Active Directory configuration

Just right-click the site and choose Add Active Directory configuration.

Active Directory settings

To view or adjust AD configuration settings, select the Active Directory Configuration node within the treeview.

Config Editor - Active Directory configuration


1.4 build 3+ improvements

The Config Editor that ships with 1.4 build 3 has several improvements regarding Active Directory support. The previous version only allowed the configuration for a single Active Directory membership provider, whereas now you can add/configure multiple Active Directory and/or LDAP membership providers. It also fully supports using seperate settings configuration sections for each membership provider (see Multi-domaining support revisited for more information). It even lets you adjust the name of the settings section and the name of the provider in Advanced mode.

Other settings are now als made available using the Config Editor, such as the domains listed within the membershipMappings element, as well as various advanced settings (in Advanced mode only) such as Obtain Primary Group and Update Primary Group.

When right-clicking within the tree-view of the Config Editor, the Add Active Directory Configuration action will be shown on site root-level when there are no Active Directory and/or LDAP membership providers found. Otherwise, it will only be shown when right-clicking the Active Directory / LDAP Configuration grouping node.

When clicking this action, a dialog will be shown which lets you specify a provider name and select the type of membership provider configuration which must be added.

Config Editor - Add Active Directory Configuration

The grouping node Active Directory / LDAP Configuration is the parent for all Active Directory and/or LDAP membership providers. For each provider, the configured domains (membershipMappings element) are displayed as child elements.