Item Details - Outscaling tab

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Item Details - Outscaling Tab

As of iXperion 1.4 build 10, Item Details now includes an Outscaling tab.

This tab shows detailed information about the "status" of the selected item on the local server instance and its cms subscriber instances.

Item Details - Outscaling tab

The tab is only shown when it's applicable: the local server instance must at least have one cms subscriber instance which does not share its database with the local server instance. Furthermore, for this tab the Privilege - Show Outscaling Details Tab (psaOutscalingDetailsTab) is required.

Server Instances

For each server instance, the following information is shown:

Activation Date The date/time the latest change has become active. Usually, this date/time is more recent on the subscriber instance(s).
Modification Date The modification date of the item. This date/time should be the same for all server instances.
Parent The parent of the item. Should be the same for all server instances.
Status The content status of the item. Should, usually, be the same for all server instances.

These fields/properties together are used to determine the Synchronization status of an item for a specific subscriber instance, which is displayed in the next row:

The synchronization status of the item is ok.
The synchronization status of the item is not ok
(item is out-of-date or the parent, status and/or modification date are not the same).

Within the next rows, two action buttons are available:

The Compare this item action renders the item on the RAW channel on both the local and the subscriber instances.
When the RAW channel output is the same for both instances, a dialog is shown stating that the items are identical. Otherwise, a compare dialog is shown.
The Synchronize item action can be used to synchronize this item to the specific server instance.

Local File References

Within this section, the status for each local file reference for the current item is shown.

When one of the files is out-of-date or does not exist on the subscriber instance, this will be indicated by displaying the icon. Also, the Synchronize item action button will be displayed within an additional row.