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Code Mirror

As of 7.3, all contenttype fields for which the EditProgId ctfp is set to SXMLEditor, Code Mirror is used as text editor instead of a regular html text area.

Code Mirror example

Code Mirror is a versatile text editor implemented in Javascript which works in every browser. It features syntax highlighting, (tag) autocompletion, bracket and tag matching, etcetera.

Using the Ctrl-Space key combination, it even features a list of autocompletion hints for e.g. html attributes, dependent on the language (html, css, javascript).

Code Mirror is also used on the CSS and Javascript contenttypes, see the examples below.


Code Mirror CSS example


Code Mirror Javascript example


Also supported: full-screen mode editing. Just press the F11 key to toggle full-screen mode. When in full-screen mode, you can also press the Escape key to exit the full-screen mode.