Schema validation

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Schema validation

As of 7.3, the Smartsite 7 manager also performs schema validation on each contenttype field which have the SchemaSetId ctfp set. 

Schema validation example


When schema validation for a specific contenttype field fails, the field is marked as invalid (which enables the red line marker in the left pane on the tab link) and the schema errors for that specific field are listed below the field.

The SchemaWarningsOnly ctfp is taken into account when performing schema validation. However, because there's no mechanism yet to give the user feedback on schema errors that occurred saving the item, schema validation is skipped for the moment when this ctfp is set to true/1.

When you want the Smartsite 7 manager to treat schema errors differently compared to the legacy manager, you can prefix the SchemaWarningsOnly ctfp with "cms:" (as is the case for most ctfp's).
When the cms:SchemaWarningsOnly ctfp exists, it is used in favour of the SchemaWarningsOnly ctfp.