TinyMCE YouTube plugin

Smartsite 7.3 - ...

The TinyMCE editor included within the Smartsite 7 Manager has also been extended and improvemed within the Smartsite 7.3 release.

YouTube plugin

A YouTube plugin is now available, which enables the user to include YouTube videos within the content of an item.

YouTube plugin button


Just click the YouTube plugin button.


YouTube plugin example


Search for a video, select height and width, specify a title and click one of the buttons to add the video to the content of the item.

The plugin will add a iframe to the content (embedded in a paragraph tag) with the source attribute set to the selected YouTube video.

API key

When you want to use this plugin, you need to sign up for a YouTube API key and add it as appSetting to the WWWMgr/web.config configuration file.


XML CopyCode image Copy Code
     <add key="manager.instanceid" value="DEMOSITE.MGR" />
     <add key="debugging.enabled" value="true" />
     <add key="widgets.twitter.enabled" value="true" />
     <add key="widgets.twitter.query" value="#delft" />
     <add key="widgets.twitter.count" value="10" />
     <add key="cmsserver.instanceid" value="DEMOSITE.CMSSERVER" />
     <add key="youtubeApiKey" value="...." />



Due to the html format this plugin uses, the SchemaSetId ctfp on a field where you want to use this plugin must be set to a transitional schema type, e.g. sxml+xhtml1-trans. The strict variants do not allow an iframe element.


The same applies to the ComplianceDocType ctfp. When the contenttype field includes the ComplianceDocType ctfp and it is set to xhtml 1.0 strict, iframes are not allowed and therefore they will be removed from the html.
When you want to use the YouTube plugin, this ctfp must be set to e.g. xhtml 1.0.