Release 1.0 - ...

The DefaultFriendlyNameMapper is currently the only mapper supported that maps normalized urls to friendly urls and vice versa. The DefaultFriendlyNameMapper has the following parameters that can be set in the Smartsite.config file:

Name Default value Description
MaxPathLength 260 Specifies the maximum path length of generated friendly names. If the full friendly name url exceeds this length, some of the parents excluded from the url until the length is less than the maximum path length, starting with the parent of the item.
UseVirtualRoot False When set to true, items that have the option Short Url set serve as a virtual root,  meaning that all the child items will have a friendly url whose parents are listed until the item with a Short Url. Parent items of the item with a Short Url are not included in the friendly url. When set to false, the child items of an item with a Short Url will have a full friendly url, including all their parents.