Release Notes for 7.1

Release date: 1 september 2014

Download Smartsite 7.1 build 3

Download Smartsite 7.1 build 2

Main features:

  • Migration to .Net 4
  • Assets
    • Images, videos and documents on disk are now mirrored in the CMS.
    • Images and videos are now accessible in Media Library
    • Exif information is extracted from all images.
  • Added File Explorer
  • Browse folders and files
  • Copy/Cut/Paste of files
  • Edit text files
  • Multiple file upload
  • Added Copy/Cut/Paste of content items
  • Previous content versions can now be edited and compared
  • XForms macro added
  • Sort content items added
  • Dashboard widgets enhanced
  • ItemListInput now supports ctrl:startnode and ctrl:contenttypefilter
  • GeoListPicker added
  • TinyMCE is more configurable
  • Added vipers translation.return() and smartlet.return()
  • DefaultContentType is now supported.
  • CTFP "Default" with value "Parent" is now supported
  • Add Item now supports action parameters for setting the Content Type, Parent and Path
  • Workflow Trigger added
  • Preview improvements
  • Improved support for IE9
  • Support for custom text in header for OTAP scenarios.
  • SetSiteSecurity stability improvements