Release Notes for 7.2

Smartsite 7.2 - ...

Release date: 16 February 2015

Download Smartsite 7.2 build 2

Important Note!

Before you install Smartsite 7.2, you must get a new license file from Seneca if you are currently using Hasp!

Main features

  • Support for multiple friendly names
  • Support for avoiding the channel friendly name in more scenarios.
  • Dropping Hasp licensing, requires new license file!
  • TinyMCE improvements
    • Images and links can be selected from the content tree
    • Images are now always visible
    • Links reference items by friendly code now instead of item number
    • More SEO options
  • File security is now applied in the File Explorer
  • Several File Explorer improvements
  • Better UI when you have lots of tabs open
  • Change password added
  • Content and Media library can now be filtered on the channel and last edited date
  • The XForms Smartlet can now be installed by the publication setup
  • Many other bugfixes, both visible and under the hood