Release Notes for 1.3

Release 1.3 - ...

Smartsite iXperion 1.3 comes with a large number of fixes, enhancements and new features.

Also, two new modules are released: Smartsite Management Information 2.0 and Smartsite iXperion Faceted Search.

Updating existing sites 

Some of the fixes in the 1.3 release require extra care. These fixes potentially introduce functional changes in existing sites.

To maintain full compatibility at the SXML level, you can make Smartsite iXperion revert to pre-1.3 behavior, by using one of the compatibility settings.

New features

New Add-On Modules


See the complete list of fixes.

New or enhanced features

  • Installation, Configuration and Tooling
  • Publication Server features
  • SXML language
  • Test Suite
    • The TestSuite is now noticeably much faster.
    • The SXML call stack is now always displayed when 'Suppress Custom Error Pages' is used.
    • Jump to (F12) and Find References (SHIFT-F12) added, for quick jumping to related items from the SXML editor and the Treeview.
    • The dependency view is improved.
    • Edit Hosts File option added in Tools menu.
    • Several state problems are fixed
      • Modifying a translation signature and previewing it is now supported
      • ItemData.Field() now resolves items currently in edit mode
      • Tab title updated correctly
  • CMS / Manager
    • Recent Edits window supports loading selection into the treeview.
    • The Delete/set inactive action is now much smarter with AIM relations.
    • Previewing items using session state is now much easier, using silent session access.
  • Security
  • Scf & Smartlet Architecture
    • Scf is now tested and pre-configured with jQuery 1.4.2.
    • Smartlets now support an event model for server and client intercommunication.
    • Smartlet helper translations can now be subclassed outside the Smartet's folder, even though they are local, using a new overload or the Sys.Eval() method to optionally fall back to a different translation scope.
    • Smartlet properties can now be marked with the unsaferead attribute, making access in SXML easier.
    • The SCF Ajax 'busy' indicator has been improved, and can be styled using the ScfAjaxBusySmall CSS class.
  • Help/Intellisense
    • Context-sensitive Intellisense is now available on translation.localscope.<translation name>(), to make it easier to select translations currently in local scope.

Have fun,

The Smartsite iXperion Development Team