Release Notes for 1.02

Release 1.02 - ...


Smartsite iXperion 1.02 is the first official release with the SEO toolkit and SMI included.

Here's a short overview of the new features and changes that were made in this release.

SEO Toolkit

The SEO Toolkit is available for Smartsite iXperion 1.02 including the following features:

  • Friendly names
  • Search Engine sitemap generator
  • Google Webmaster Tools tools
  • Advanced Metadata support


Smartsite Management Information is now available for Smartsite iXperion 1.02.

Publication Engine

Friendly Urls

You can now specify a Friendly name to be a "virtual root", thus making all child friendly names relative instead of absolute. Set the UseVirtualRoot setting to true in the Smartsite.config for this.


The Smartsite Pipeline-Integrated Command Executor (Spice) now provides a generic and extensible architecture for the execution of commands. You can now set Spice commands from within a rendering of an image or PDF (render template, logic section), instead of through querystring parameters only.

SXML Site building

LocalId macro parameter

The Macro LocalId property was added to provide more flexibility and ease of use in more complex scenarios. It makes referring to macro instances using Viper easier and removes the need for globally unique macro Ids. Macros that typically could make use of a LocalId include placeholder, json, pagetranslations, and all macros that can return datatables (xlinks, sqlquery, etc...)

Explicit translation scoping

Using the translation.localscope and translation.globalscope directives, you now have more control over the translation instances that are called. For instance, a complex translation can now be split into multiple translations that call each other, without the risk of another locally scoped translation overriding them, using {translation.localscope.<translation name>()}.

DataTable manipulation Vipers

Since DataTables play a central role in smartsite iXperion, working with DataTable Viper methods is considered a crucial part of SXML site building. This is why the DataTable Viper class has been rewritten and now provides a complete set of tools to create, populate, update and search DataTable objects.


Tabbed Editor

The Smartsite iXperion TestSuite features a new Editor user interface, with vertical tabs, creating a better user-experience.