Release Notes for 1.1

Release 1.1 - ...


Smartsite iXperion 1.1 is the first release which includes the Smartlet Client Framework (Scf).

Here's a short overview of the new features and changes that were made in this release.

Smartsite Client Framework

The Smartsite Client Framework is a rich jquery based framework for building reusable modular application blocks that can be embedded in your websites.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On allows editors and site builders to view and preview restricted items on the publication server when working in the manager. In previous versions of Smartsite iXperion editors and site builders had to manually login on the publication server when viewing restricted items.

Browsable Content Types

Each content type now has a checkbox Browsable that indicates if the content type contains content that can be rendered or not.

AIM state "Error"

The AIM state Error has been added, as well as implementation using this new AIM state.

When AIM rendering of a specific item fails, the AIM scanner will now retry a failed item (default) three times. After (default) three consecutive failures, the AIMState of that particular item will be set to Error (=6) and the item will be skipped from further AIM scanning.

The AIMState Error will be reset to Dirty when a full rescan is requested, or when an item having the Error AIMState is being saved/activated.


The TestSuite now has direct access to the W3C Validator. By selecting a single menu item, you can now validate the rendered output of your content using the online W3C validator.

Internet Explorer 8

The manager is now compatible with Internet Explorer 8. Several changes were made to adapt to the new behaviour of IE8.


Several performance improvements have been made and a memory leak has been fixed.