Release Notes for 1.2

Release 1.2 - ...

It has been a long one, but we hope that in the end, you will find it worth the wait.

With more than 500 work items resolved, Smartsite iXperion 1.2 is a major update.

System and Database Support

Smartsite iXperion 1.2 officially supports Windows 7 (32-bit). Also, full Oracle support is built in, as is generic LDAP-support (such as Novell e-Directory).

New features

Key new features of this new release are Oracle support, Personalization framework and Global Dynamic Storage, but a lot of work has been done in a number of areas, including Security, Scf and Smartlet architecture, Web Toolkit, AIM, the SXML language and many, many others.

New addon modules

  • The Personalization Framework is available as an Add-on module for Smartsite iXperion. It allows you to relate persistent custom data to users and visitors.

    Personalization is all-important in today's user generated content approach, and helps you fulfill the requirements for recurring visitors.

  • The DigiD module implements authorization and authentication using the DigiD provider.

  • The Payment module allows you to implement online payments (via Ogone)
  • The Shoppingcart module implements a generic shopping basket for online shops.

Other new or enhanced features

  • Installation, Configuration and Tooling
  • SXML language
  • Test Suite
    • The TestSuite now has Full host-header support in Production Server mode.
    • The Visualize SXML productivity feature was added.
    • Delete client cache (related to any hostheader in your site).
    • Enhanced SXML debugger (find bottlenecks and errors).
    • IE8 Compatibility View settings (Tools/options).
  • Security
    • A longstanding issue with DEP (Data Execution Prevention), was fixed, allowing to keep the advised Windows security settings when installing Smartsite iXperion.
    • Active Directory Support is greatly enhanced.
    • Enhanced Content Access tooling in the CMS.
  • Scf & Smartlet Architecture
  • Help