Release Notes for 7.5

Smartsite 7.5 - ...

Release date: July 4, 2016

Download Smartsite 7.5 build 1

Important Note!

  • If you upgrade from Smartsite 7.1 or earlier, you must get a new license file from Seneca if you are currently using Hasp!
  • Before you upgrade to Smartsite 7.4, you must convert your database to use nvarchar instead of varchar. Scripts are provided to perform this conversion, but it may take some time to convert the database and it may involve some manual steps. We recommend that you test this step in a test environment before applying it in production.
  • Before you upgrade from Smartsite 7.4 or earlier, you must install .Net 4.5.2 on your server.

Main features

  • .Net Razor integration
    • Write Razor code in Razor translations and item logic
    • Performance improvements up to 40x over Sxml
    • Compile Razor code from within your Edit Item tab.
  • Upgraded to .Net version 4.5.2
  • Notification center
    • Receive content change notifications and system notifications in a central place
    • Users can subscribe to notifications to receive them
    • Send chat messages to coworkers
  • Integrate forms designed in the Formulierenserver in your website.
  • Content retainability
    • Get notifications when content is about to expire
    • New fields for using content retainability are added to content types in the WP group.
  • Performance profiler
    • Measures the performance of each translation (Sxml and Razor), viper and macro accurately
  • In Edit Item pressing Shift + Save button keeps the Edit Item tab open when activating the item.
  • In Edit Item pressing Ctrl + Save button activates the item without having to select the Active workflow state.
  • Shift + Edit Item opens the Edit Item tab with plain text editors
  • Automatic resize of images uploaded to disk
  • Toggle readonly flag for files
  • Separate new privilege to allow users to access the new manager without granting them access to the old manager
  • External references are now available in the new manager
  • Users can now be switched to Visitors and vice versa.
  • LinkSpider implementation has been moved to the CmsServer
  • TinyMCE and CodeMirror got updated to the latest version
  • Version number is now shown when hovering over the logo
  • Many other small bugfixes and improvements

Known issues

  • If you open the manager for the first time, some icons may be blank. You must refresh the browser cache by pressing Ctrl + F5 to solve this problem.