Release Notes for 7.4

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Release date: 3 december 2015

Download Smartsite 7.4 build 2

Download Smartsite 7.4 build 1

Important Note!

  • If you upgrade from Smartsite 7.1 or earlier, you must get a new license file from Seneca if you are currently using Hasp!
  • Before you upgrade to Smartsite 7.4, you must convert your database to use nvarchar instead of varchar. Scripts are provided to perform this conversion, but it may take some time to convert the database and it may involve some manual steps. We recommend that you test this step in a test environment before applying it in production.

Main features

  • Great new User Interface.
    • New fresh look
    • Content and File tree are now back in the UI
    • Context menu added to the trees
    • Faster switching between tabs
    • Works on desktop, tablet and mobile with IE9+, Chrome, Firefox and Edge
  • Content is now stored in Unicode
  • YouTube library added
  • Lots of new user actions
    • Manage Content Types
    • Manage Workflow
    • Manage Usergroups
    • Manage Userroles
    • Manage User Actions
    • Manage Content Access
    • Manage Content Relation Types
    • Query database
    • Smartsite customer feedback
  • Newsfeed widget
  • Label control is now rendered in Edit Item
  • Bug with Gif images under 64 bit fixed
  • Many other small bugfixes and improvements

Known issues

  • If you open the manager for the first time, some icons may be blank. You must refresh the browser cache by pressing Ctrl + F5 to solve this problem.