Release Notes for 1.4

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Smartsite iXperion 1.4 brings a number of new features, as well as a wide range of improvements to the CMS and the Application Platform.

Most of the changes have been driven by the need for a more modular and flexible site building approach. This can easily be seen by looking at some of the key features introduced in this release: additions to the Smartlet Framework, such as presets, explicit translation scoping / evaluationscope, a better Smartlet Editor, but also some very handy CMS additions that help in multi-channel situations, synchronous state updates from the CMS, enhancements of the TestSuite, and many other additions have been made to make working with Smartsite iXperion a better experience, especially when building large, complex sites or applications.

Speaking of which, let's introduce SmartInstant 2.0! This templating framework is ideal for a jumpstart into many of the Smartsite features. Many sites have already been built upon this foundation.

New features

New add-on module

SmartInstant 2.0 provides a tremendously easy way of building highly customizable sites featuring the 960 grid system, using an elegant and flexible interface, and it leverages all of the newly introduced building techniques.

Fixes and changes

See the complete list of fixes and changes.

New features

Smartlet Presets

Smartlet Presets were introduced to make using Smartlets more accessible to editors.

New Smartlet Editor

The Smartlet editor has a number of new features including:

  • Declarative captions
  • Selection filtering (in combination with presets)
  • CSS includes in the preview pane
  • Evaluation Scope added (see 'Translations')

Support for URL parameters on folders

URL Parameters are now suported on folders as well as on items,

Friendly name urls can now be enforced.

An attribute was added to the friendlynames section for enforcing friendly urls.

Support for virtual directories

Smartsite iXperion now has full Virtual Directory support. Any Virtual Directory configured in IIS will automatically be mapped in the Smartsite iXperion file system handling, and the config editor Set Site Security takes them into account.

Dutch Cookie law adherence (from 1.4 build 9)

Smartsite iXperion now comes with Dutch Cookie Law adherence tooling. More information:

TestSuite Additions and Fixes

  • Item locking in the TestSuite
    The TestSuite is now better suited for cooperative team development, with item locking support built in.
  • Debug features added to trace SXML errors
  • Synchronize Channel Selection option
    Automatically switch to channel an item can be rendered on; Adapt channel dropdown on item selection
  • TestSuite will now visually indicate if a document was not rendered by its site.
  • CMS folders now display the contenttype icon of their DefaultContentType
  • Visualize SXML feature improved


  • HashPasswords setting now has a counterpart in the Publication Engine.
  • Uploaded file ACL rights fixed
  • "Mixed mode" support added for the Active Directory and LDAP membership providers
  • Add Smartlet now takes Security Zone into account.
  • Several fixes in SetSiteSecurity tool

Translation additions

Contextual Translation Scoping

Translation scoping can now be made explicit and is much more flexible. This feature is especially handy for Smartlet subclassing.

Typed translation arguments and out-parameters

Translations can now be strongly typed and can have more than one return value.

Calling a translation or smartlet from the Preview logic field

We recommend that translations are developed as independent functions and that the Preview Logic is used to generate examples and test cases for its use. To support this, we have introduced a new syntax to calls a smartlet form the Preview Logic field:{ formatexample('{ string.eval("(arg1,arg2)")}','sxml') }

This syntax ensures that the corresponding translation is called from within the preview Logic, even if the translation is renamed or copied. Of course, this syntax should only be used within the Preview Logic field.

A similar syntax can be used to invoke smartlets from within the Preview Logic:{ formatexample('{ string.eval("(arg1,arg2)")}','sxml') }

CMS Additions and Fixes

  • Active Channel synchronization
    The active channel now follows the selection. Selecting an item will set the active channel to the first browsable channel available for the item, if the current active channel can't be used.
  • Publication server now updated synchronously after activating a content item
    The CMS server will now call a WCF service on the PUB server synchronously when activating items, so the latency between saves and state refreshes in the PUB is removed.
    This is a tremendous improvement, because you will never see stale data on the publication server anymore (as long as the services are well configured).
    Note that because of this change, Outscaling will no longer process ContentChange.Activation events. As a result, the Outscaling EventQueue will be filled with less events and the Outscaling Background component will have less events to send. Therefore, it is recommended to set a higher Interval value on the Outscaling Background component within the registry (used to be 1 second, 5 seconds is a better value).
  • New 'Item Locks' action in Configure Security
  • New action: Log Off, to force clearing of IE credential cache
  • IE 9 support
  • Sql Native client database driver (SQLNCLI10.1) now supported

AIM improvements

In the process of developing the 1.4 release, we have made an extensive effort to lift AIM processing up to a new level. Nearly every aspect of the AIM system has been updated, resulting in much higher performance, and much better aim results. As you know, AIM is crucial for outscaling, state management and daily site building work.


  • Many Cache and State optimizations were made, especially in the communication
  • AIM performance is dramatically improved
  • Startup performance improved
  • Active Directory & LDAP Membership Providers performance improved
  • Transform macro now has a compile option for better performance
  • Better perfomance on (larger) CMS updates
  • Edit Item on Translation content items performs better
  • TestSuite Dependency List performance improved

Other Enhancements and Optimizations

  • Smarter refresh for aggregated includes
    Aggregated includes, using the Scf Include Aggregator, are now added with a timestamp indicating the last modified date of all the includes aggregated. This ensures that a new version is built immediately after modifying any of the items used.
  • Add-on Modules are now installed in a CMS folder named Shared Applications.

Note Considering Upgrades from iXperion 1.3 (only applicable when upgrading to 1.4 build 4)

Due to a slight mismatch of database objects with a Smartsite iXperion 1.3 database, prior to running the database upgrade scripts, the script Pre-update-script_1.4_Build4.sql must be invoked. Otherwise, in some occasions, the upgrade scripts may result in several database error messages. This script can be found on the install dvd in the same folder as UpdatePublication_1.4_Build4.exe.

Upgrading SMI 2.0

When upgrading SMI, please read this article first.

Important considerations when upgrading Outscaling scenarios to 1.4 build 10

iXperion 1.4 build 10 contains a large number of improvements regarding the robustness and controllability of outscaling.
This includes:

  • Solutions for situations where items were not always removed to AIM relation.
  • Improved dialogs for comparing items and files.
  • An additional outscaling tab in the item details with immediate feedback on the status of an item.
  • Improved registration of filesynchronizations to allow for better scheduled periodic checks.

To fully benefit from the improvements in 1.4 build 10  the outscaling configuration should be reviewed and revised where necessary.
Considerations here include:

  • Establishment of periodic checks on files transferred with outscaling.
  • Improvement and new possibilities for the use of the outscaling view.
  • Restoring mismatches occur in the past.

Developers and administrators are asked to contact the Seneca Servicedesk before planning an upgrade to 1.4 build 10 in outscaling Scenarios.