Release Notes for 1.01

Release 1.01 - ...

This is the final 1.01 release of Smartsite iXperion. Quite a few things have changed. We'll mention some of the main changes here:

Installation and configuration

  • Smartsite iXperion 1.01 runs on Windows Vista and Windows 2008.
  • iXperion channels now have direct subtree support.
  • ASP.NET application domain recycling is prevented for many CMS configuration changes.
  • iXperion now supports Scheduled Jobs.
  • Unresolved vipers will now be handled using the publication unresolvedviperhandling attribute.
  • Memory and disk cache sizes can now be configured.

New License Model

Smartsite iXperion 1.01 comes with a new license model. Make sure you have a correct license installed in each site and that you activate it.


  • Translations can now be previewed (both in the Manager and in the TestSuite). The logic field is used to provide previewing context.
  • The SXML editor now shows intellisense in Viper enumeration arguments.

Active Integrity Management (AIM)

  • AIM is now fully implemented. This means that CMS updates will trigger state and disk/memory cache invalidation events.
  • The VPP cache will also be notified so ASP.NET (NAP and Master Page constructs) pages will be recompiled after changes to any of the building blocks, such as System Translations or Render Templates.
  • Macros and vipers can be set to autonomous aim mode, in which Translations and Render templates act as the AIM source of (hard coded) relations.


  • Active Directory Security providers now support multiple Active Directory domains.
  • The Manage Content Access manager action provides a friendly replacement for the Set Browse Access action.
  • Several measures were taken to prevent hacker attacks to the CMS.
  • SCAS mappings can now be removed declaratively. This allows for more flexibility in SecurityZone creation.



Performance Counters

Smartsite iXperion comes with a range of performance counters that help monitor the server.


  • True multi-document editing support using a tabbed interface.
  • Interaction between the TestSuite ASP.NET hosting environment and Smartsite is improved, resulting in much better feedback.
  • Command line options available.
  • Start as Publication Server allows you to use Smartserver for the CMS and the TestSuite as full Publication Server.
  • Log entries unrelated to any iXperion request are shown in a new debugger tab.

Config Editor

  • IIS7 web.config support.
  • Improved http handler and module validation and repair.
  • Supports encrypted config files.
  • Database support for any OleDb connection type.
  • Site version info.
  • HTTP Namespace permission editor and validation.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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