Release Notes for 7.8 build 2

Smartsite 7.8 - ...

Release date: November 29, 2017

Download Smartsite 7.8 build 2

Important Note!

  • If you upgrade from Smartsite 7.1 or earlier, you must get a new license file from Seneca if you are currently using Hasp!
  • Before you upgrade to Smartsite 7.4, you must convert your database to use nvarchar instead of varchar. Scripts are provided to perform this conversion, but it may take some time to convert the database and it may involve some manual steps. We recommend that you test this step in a test environment before applying it in production.
  • Before you upgrade from Smartsite 7.4 or earlier, you must install .Net 4.5.2 on your server. We highly recommend that you install .Net 4.6.1 or later.

Fixes in build 2

  • Added My Tasks functionality in the sidebar. It currently shows the tasks created by the workflow process. Functionality will be extended in a future Smartsite release.
  • Avatars not shown in some browsers when using integrated security.
  • Fixed an infinite loop in the sql deployment scripts.
  • UI fix for the scheduled activation controls which are partially hidden.
  • UI fix for validation messages which were partially hidden.
  • Fix for wrong encoding of the title in the Edit Item action.
  • Changed the maximum Twitter message length from 140 to 280 characters.
  • Fixed case where item could not be deleted because of incorrect breaking dependency.
  • The field SEOPriority now gets the CTFP cms:control=dropdownlist to make it work like the old manager.
  • Fixed problem when calling Sxml vipers from Razor translations with multiple parameters.
  • Fixed crash when selecting YouTube videos
  • Fixed error when the BlobCache folder was removed.
  • pr_ConfigSmartNumbering now escapes column names, allowing it to use sql reserved word columns like Function.

Main features

  • New user actions
  • Keyboard support in several areas.
  • AIM scanner now runs in the new manager.
  • ImageServer rewritten
  • TinyMCE
    • TinyMCE image max width and height can now be set.
    • TinyMCE now uses the configured default target for links, e.g. _blank.
    • Content type filter can be configured for Add Link with cms:addlink.contenttypefilter
    • Add Link and Add Image can now be filtered by setting a startnode.
    • When creating a link to an item, the target's title can now be used as the link's text.
    • Upgraded to TinyMCE 4.6.4
  • Media libary can now have standard location for image uploads.
  • Content and Media library can now be filtered with StartNode parameter.
  • File upload now shows overview page and allows to edit the title.
  • New UserInput and UserListInput controls
  • New Thesaurus control
  • New PollEditor control
  • New Image wizard control
  • New CustomLinkInput and CustomListInput control
  • Custom controls can be built using custom XForms viewdata and model data.
  • ItemListInput now works on a nvarchar field
  • Custom DataEditorLogic handlers can now be configured for DataEditor actions, as well as Edit Item.
  • Custom validation can be added to Edit Item with the CTFP cms:customvalidation and cms:customvalidationmode.
  • User has extra fields in Edit User to store more user properties such as organisation.
  • Setting item inactive now checks for active URL Rewrite rules.
  • Import / export can now handle thesaurus import and export.
  • Minimum password length is now 8 characters, a non alpha numeric character is now required.
  • Auto resize now works for image items.
  • Image items now contain EXIF data.
  • Activity indicator now shown on user avatars
  • Library facets are now shown in the configured order.
  • Library facets, when applicable, are not limited to displaying a top 10 anymore, but will provide a More link to increase the number of results shown.
  • Library facets are now shown either collapsed or expanded initially (usually 2 or 3 facets are shown expanded initially, the other ones collapsed).
  • Library facets can now be fixed with a preselected value using cms:facetvalues
  • Smartsite now fully runs as AnyCPU
    • Same code base for 32 and 64 bit.
    • Oracle support separated from core installation, needs to be installed separately.
  • Workflows are no longer assigned to the StartGroup, since no one is a member of that group.
  • Improved Edit Localizations.
  • File Details shows information about the files in the folder.
  • Many details action have been extended and improved.
  • UserRolesUserActions matrix added.
  • RSS widget can now be globally configured by setting widgets.rssfeed.url
  • Many other minor improvements and bug fixes

Known issues

  • If you open the manager for the first time, some icons may be blank. You must refresh the browser cache by pressing Ctrl + F5 to solve this problem.