Compatibility Notes for 1.4

Release 1.4 - ...
  • In iXperion 1.4, the URL parameters feature, used to store querystring variables inside the path segment of a friendly URL, is only available if the release setting 'immutableLocators' is set.
  • Smartlet properties now resolve their default values dynamically. Since this is a functional change, a new compatibility setting, DynamicallyResolveSmartletPropertyDefaults, was added to enforce backwards compatibility. Set the "compatStaticallyResolveSmartletPropertyDefaults" setting to "true" in the appSettings section of the smartsite.config if you experience the new behavior as unwanted.
    The first rendering of a Smartlet would previously create 'static' defaults of your properties. This might not be a problem for most literals, such as strings, numbers, booleans, but it certainly can be a problem when referencing locators by number or ite, code. The resulting locator would then reflect a specific channel and be static from then on. This is why the default behavior has changed and the compatibility setting should be used to revert to the old behavior.
  • Smartlet.GetOrigin() now returns "Server" for properties passed as viper parameters. In previous versions this method erroneously returned "InternalDefault".
  • The AIM rendertemplate is updated automatically by the publication update.
  • As of iXperion 1.4 build 11, when a cookie is written to the client, the properties HttpOnly and Secure (when the incoming request is on a secure channel, that is SSL) will be set to true by default. Since this is a functional change, the compatibility setting compatInsecureCookieDefaults has been introduced.
    (The HttpOnly property makes the cookies unavailable for client-side script and the Secure property enforces that the cookie is transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer, that is over HTTPS only.)


We strongly encourage the use of the ReleaseSettings for new projects. These settings are already included in the configuration for the Empty template site.